Nature Inspired Flower Vases

After a week of the flu, and being quarantined in my apartment, I needed to bring the outdoors inside. My mom also taught me that a home has to have something living in it (meaning flowers or a plant). Well if I wasn’t feeling quite alive, I needed some brightly colored flowers to brighten up my days.

In an unusual moment of creativity, I decided to line the base of my vases with barley and dried white beans. They looked absolutely beautiful! A great combination of elegance, rustic, and plain old fun!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. X says:

    Those flowers are beautiful! What are they? And why the beans?

  2. Amy's Pantry says:

    The pink and orange short vase is filled with simple carnations. They happened to be on sale. Not sure what the other ones were.

    And honestly, I chose barley and beans just because I was looking for something to fill the vase in with. I didn’t have little rocks or beads, so pantry items were a natural and cheap fix.

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