Door County Yoga Adventures

I was fortunate enough to do what many people cannot on Labor Day Weekend…I got to spend 3 uninterrupted days in Midwestern paradise with my family.

We all met in Door County, WI for a weekend of slack line, paddle boarding (though too cold for me!), wine tasting, bonfires, and sunset walks on the beach.

I was also fortunate enough to have a creative sister willing to take yoga photos of me for my teaching portfolio! See the bottom of this post for pictures of my zen debauchery 🙂

Though on Labor Day we celebrate the achievements of American workers by not working, I managed to learn a few life lessons on my trip. Here are my top 10 take-aways:

Yoga Fun

1) Jalapeno margaritas sound like a great idea until you gulp down 3 huge jalapeno pieces

2) You can get heat rash through your yoga pants

3) Balancing on a slack line requires a wide-armed wingspan…not T-Rex arms

4) Live bands sound better after a glass of wine

5) It’s only burglary if it occurs at night

6) The majority of us don’t actually know what’s going on in Syria, and we could all benefit from reading the news deeper

7) Getting out of our comfort zone makes us more adventurous, less anxious, and helps us learn about ourselves and others

Yoga Arm Balance

8) Your true friends love you enough to tell you when you’ve committed a faux pas

9) Don’t let issues go unresolved; instead, talk about your feelings right away and accept apologies with grace

10) There’s nothing like family

Yoga on Rocks

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  1. Bob says:

    Love your photos and post…!

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