Shhh…the world is telling me something

Have you ever stopped to listen to what the world was telling you? If not, you’re not alone. But if you listen really really carefully, you can hear it.

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These last few weeks the world called me collect. It was as if it said, “I keep dropping you subtle hints. But it appears you don’t pick up on these subtleties. So instead I will beat you over the head with my guidance.” It started leaving me not so subtle hints:

  • Family calling when I was about to do something that went against my previous conviction
  • No-shows that shouldn’t have been seen in the first place
  • A spontaneous rain storm when I was thinking of whether my luck had run dry
  • Chance encounter with what I believe to be my darling puppy reincarnated
  • The clock saying 12:34 nearly every time I look at it (more on this later)

Until the world had sufficiently beat me over the head, I refused to listen. But once I did, my life made just a little more sense than it did last month.

Think back on  the subtle (or not-so-subtle) hints the world has been leaving you lately. What guidance does it bestow?

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