Born just outside Chicago, I grew up with a large and loving family who taught me that the best thing in life is a happy and healthy family. I took this concept and decided that the best way to make a happy and health family was through their stomachs. Since my teenage years, I have made the kitchen my office – planning, entertaining, relaxing, and eating around the kitchen counter.

In addition to cooking, I have also found a sense of home on my yoga mat. Beginning my yoga practice in high school, I carried my mat with me everywhere I went: to high school gym yoga classes, the mountains of Nicaragua, an impoverished village in Ghana, the splendor of Spain, the political power of Washington, DC, and finally to the sunny beaches of San Diego, CA. While furthering my own practice, I offer yoga classes to budding and seasoned yogis alike, and join others in finding themselves through meditation, movement, and healthy cooking.

Explore the simple deliciousness that a calm spirit and quality ingredients have to offer – and don’t forget….life is all about the balance!

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  1. Shabbir A. says:

    Amy, beautiful blog. I was browsing through the Recipes, you have some great dishes. I’m hungry now, I have to run home to grab some food.

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