Wringing it all out with Twists

  Unlike many hobbies, exercises, or activities, yoga can be (and should be) practiced anywhere. Other than a mat, which is helpful but not necessary, yogis need nothing but an open heart and willing body to take their practice “Off the Mat“. This past weekend my practice found me on the lake in Wisconsin. On…

Just Breathe

When is the last time you were aware – keenly aware – of your breath?

Ayurveda and Doshas

If you have stopped by a Whole Foods lately, you may notice that many organic and all-natural stores are increasingly offering “ayurvedic” products.

“Vairagya” – Non-Attachment

A student of mine posed this question to me the other day, “You talked last week about non-attachment. I understand that I shouldn’t be attached to material possessions, but I’m struggling to understand if that extends to my family and loved ones as well. Should I not be attached to my husband and my family?”….