Fruit Stuffed Pork Chops

Dear Mom, I never thought I would say these words. But thank you for cooking for all afternoon just to make me a beautiful pork chop last week.

Braised Celery

I bet you didn’t know that celery can be used in more recipes than just salads!

Roasted Asaparagus and Bell Peppers

This simple side dish is the perfect accompaniment for just about any entree. It is light enough to complement fish or chicken, and strong enough to stand up against a steak dinner.

Herbed Sweet Potato Salad

Home for the week in Chicago, I was elected to make a simple and healthy meal for my family. But per my usual culinary tendencies, it wasn’t enough for me to make chicken and steamed vegetables. How boring!

Berry Kale with Sweet and Spicy Salmon

This meal was quite adventurous for me, as I can’t say I’ve ever cooked with blueberries with a savory dish before. But with the new year passed and new experiences to come, I thought I might expand my culinary horizons.

Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad

My sister introduced me to this recipe during her pre-Thanksgiving party at her new condo. It is clean tasting, healthy, and super simple to make. After you make this salad, you’ll be glad not only for the short grocery trip but also for all the leftovers!

Healthy Chicken Meatballs with Spaghetti Squash

A few¬†weeks ago, my mom came to visit me in DC. The reason? I wish I could say it was to support me in some challenging endeavor, or to nurse me back to health. But the truth is that my mom came to visit me just because I wanted family near me that week. I…